Jim Fuller
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In 2017, after decades of discovery, failure, and losing touch with principle, I took the lessons learned and decided to relinquish control to the new majority member of Rifle Dynamics. I spent a few years soul searching and found new light within the darkness. That was the beginning of Fuller Phoenix.

It was a new legacy of AK rifles born from the ashes of these experiences. Soon, I will present my newest line of production rifles and accessories showcasing unmatched innovation, craftsmanship, and modern engineering. This will once again change the AK world.

I have walked through fire and dedicate my life to the warrior because I know you’ll walk through fire too.

Featured Builds
Build 1
Romanian RPK

The Romanian RPK 7.62x39 was designed to be used as an area denial weapon. They served this purpose well considering they are not a GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun). The heavier barrel and trunnion allows it to withstand more continuous full auto fire than the standard AK rifle. The RPK is commonly used with 75 round drums or the pictured 40 round mag.

Build 2
Bulgarian 74

This Bulgarian AK74 kit was built as an AK 105 clone. The AK-105 is considered by many to be the best variant of the Kalashnikov series of rifles. This midsize pistol is designed for fighting in the most extreme environments. With modern furniture and classic AK reliability, this AK-105 is sure to give you the confidence to win!

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Fuller Phoenix

Fuller Phoenix is on a mission to define the next generation of the Kalashnikov family of rifles. Our weapon platforms are constructed on the proven facets of the AK platform, honed through decades of master gunsmithing experience and enhanced with modern technologies to revolutionize the AK industry.