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In 2017, after decades of discovery, failure, and losing touch with principle, I took the lessons learned and decided to relinquish control to the new majority member of Rifle Dynamics. I spent a few years soul searching and found new light within the darkness. That was the beginning of Fuller Phoenix.

It was a new legacy of AK rifles born from the ashes of these experiences. Soon, I will present my newest line of production rifles and accessories showcasing unmatched innovation, craftsmanship, and modern engineering. This will once again change the AK world.

I have walked through fire and dedicate my life to the warrior because I know you’ll walk through fire too.

Featured Builds
Build 1
East German MPI-KM-72

The MPI-KM-72 is essentially the East German version of the Soviet AKM. It was made in the DDR during the Cold War and was a prized fighting rifle within the Warsaw Pact. East German machining makes this one of the most well crafted AK variants.

This AK was sent to us with a complete front end which is rare as most of these guns are found in parts kits. Early versions of the rifles had wooden furniture, but later models have distinctive stippled brown buttstocks and pistol grips which this one has a mix of both.

Build 2

Travis Haley’s “NATO AK” Donor gun is an Arsenal 106 CR chambered in 5.56, Zenitco PT-1 stock B-33 top cover and Sport 1 rail in Zenitco Green.

The “NATO AK” is the latest addition to Travis’ weapons arsenal. This build features Zenitco green furniture to give this classic fighting rifle a modern upgrade. Chambered in 5.56 NATO and complemented by a prototype Holosun AEMS and an FPX modified Tapco G2 trigger. When you combine the 5.56x45mm round with the AK platform, you get a perfect balance between accuracy, speed, and a rifle ready to face any environment.

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East German MPI-KM-72
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Gunsite Academy Class
Fuller Phoenix

Fuller Phoenix is on a mission to define the next generation of the Kalashnikov family of rifles. Our weapon platforms are constructed on the proven facets of the AK platform, honed through decades of master gunsmithing experience and enhanced with modern technologies to revolutionize the AK industry.